Terrain Elements
Terrain Elements
Design by Doshi Levien
Kettal presents their new range of fabrics, Terrain Elements. Kettal have developed this new range thanks to an R&D team working in conjunction with an industry committed to research that has designed a new molecule to replace one in the fabric’s composition, resulting in the first acrylic fabric of this type. Light, soft and warm, Terrain Elements are washable, colour-fast, and resistant to damage by mould, chemicals and sunlight.
Terrain Elements fabrics
They are also permanently water-repellent, mainly for weather protection. Terrain Element fabrics are finished with a fluorocarbon-free compound, which is the ideal way to achieve wearing comfort and protect the material in an environmentally friendly way. The colours and textures of Terrain Elements reflect a subtle blend of shades found in natural landscapes and merge into any scenery: a wellness retreat, a wild Mediterranean garden, a crystalline sea or a desert sunset. Garden and forest, sky and water, earth and stone.
Sensuous, iridescent and textured, each fabric is created using a surprising blend of colours and softness. They are available in 28 colours and are designed to combine with materials such as marble, stone, wood, rattan and coated metals.