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Maintenance Guide


Teak wood maintenance

Depending on the environmental conditions, a natural greyish colouring or
fading due to climate may be noted after only a few weeks. In drier climates, it could take months for the wood to be affected.

Although it may appear rough and worn over time, teak has enough natural
oils to protect itself from rot. In simple terms, rough teak is only a cosmetic, and not a maintenance, problem. If you prefer a smoother surface, we recommend sanding the wood by hand with
very fine sandpaper.

If you wish to maintain the nature silver colour, use GRUPO KETTAL teak
cleaner to clean it. If you prefer the new teak to have a golden-brown colour, first use GRUPO KETTAL teak cleaner ref. 8010-001 to restore the colour and then apply GRUPO KETTAL teak protector ref. 8010-002 to preserve it. GRUPO KETTAL maintenance products dry soon after they are applied and protect furniture
from the sun, rain and snow.
 We recommend treating the wood before storing it for the winter and at the beginning of its season of regular use.

Maintenance of Kettal synthetic fibre
and porotex textile
The only maintenance required for the synthetic fibre and the porotex mesh is an annual cleaning to get rid of dust and environmental debris (oils, damp) that can be trapped in the mesh or braiding.
We recommend spraying the furniture with GRUPO KETTAL universal cleaner ref. 8010-000, then wiping it gently with a soft sponge and rinsing with water.
Rinsing the synthetic fibre with pressurized water provides better results.
 It is advisable to clean the synthetic fibre before storing it for the winter and at the beginning of its season of regular use.

Kettal acrylic fabric maintenance

The cloth selected by GRUPO KETTAL offers an exceptional grammage with a weight of 270 g/m². GRUPO KETTAL cushions have been treated exclusively with fluorocarbon to protect the fabric
from possible stains and other liquids.
Fabric maintenance is simple: Brush the fabric occasionally; the fabric can be machine washed at any time following the instructions on the inner label.
 Throughout the fabric’s useful life, we recommend maintaining the exclusive fluorocarbon impermeable treatment by applying GRUPO KETTAL Fabric Protector ref. 8010-003 according to the instructions.

Maintenance stainless steel

Stainless steel requires minimum maintenance.  Stainless steel is normally cleaned with soap, mild and/or neutral detergents and ammonia solutions (home-made cleaning agents) diluted in lukewarm water.
  If stains do not disappear with normal soap, domestic caustic soda may be used. If the stains are from glue, paint or greasy products,use solvents (turpentine, benzene, etc.) and wash the surface afterwards with detergent and plentiful clean water. To clean, apply the material using a soft cloth or a fine nylon
sponge, rinse with plentiful water and then dry using a soft cloth.
  Never use stainless steel scourers as they may leave residues on the surface of the
stainless steel, thus affecting its resistance to corrosion.

Triconfort presents a new range of maintenance products that have been exclusively developed for the protection and care of your collections.
Unlike many other maintenance products, the maintenance products in the KETTAL GROUP range are
ECOSAFE: These 100% biodegradable products contain neither toxic nor corrosive components and are
completely environmentally friendly.

Maintenance products

Paint repairer brush: Paint brush for repairing possible scratches on aluminium tubing; available in the main colours in the KETTAL GROUP colour range.

Range of five KETTAL GROUP maintenance products
Teak protector: Oil for direct application to weatherproof teak.
Teak cleaner: The cleaner’s formula both cleans and brightens teak and removes stains, grease, dust and other residues that build up over time.
Fabric protector: The formula covers the fabric and makes it waterproof and resistant to environmental dirt.
Universal cleaner: This product’s universal formula cleans aluminium, resin, lacquered resin, Textilene and plaited synthetic fibre.